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Group Equipment and Powerspring Classes  

An assessment session is required before joining any equipment classes.  This ensures that we keep the levels of the classes appropriately challenging for all attending, and can record your personal physical information on our system.

Group Equipment Classes (GEC) use any and/or all apparatus in the studio.  Classes normally start with reformer, mat and Tower and can then progress to barrels, spine correctors, wounda/electric chairs, etc...
We offer 45 minute and 1 hour classes; Beginners, High Beginners, Intermediate and Open Level.
45 minute classes are offered at 7:15 and 8am Mon-Friday and Tuesday/Thursday afternoons at 12:45pm.

45 min classes - £34 each, 5 for £140,  10 for £260
1 hour class - £43 each, 5 for £200, 10 for £380

Powerspring Classes
are mat based with the added resistance of using the springs.  This will enhance your progress in mat classes by activating the correct muscle groups and relaxing the overused ones.  Working with springs is like teaching someone how to swim;  we can show you the strokes out of the water, but only the resistance of the springs gives you the same resistance that the water provides.  

45 minute class - £30 each, 5 for £135, 10 for £260
1 hour class - £34 each, 5 for £160, 10 for £300

Please Note:  3 month expiry on all packages

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