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Group Equipment

This class is taught by:

Debra Berzin Cohen

Debra had her first taste of Pilates 23 years ago, after being involved in a car crash, resulting in a severe whiplash injury, and later after complications for having twins resulting in broken ribs and pubic bone. She says that Pilates enabled her to remain positive, keep her body strong yet supple, to prepare her for pregnancy and birth.
Debra continues her love affair with Pilates on a daily basis and feels constantly excited and privileged to teach.
Debra began her career as a Pilates teacher in 2010 and in 2012 completed her Power Pilates Classical training at Pi Studio with Holly Murray. Debra is constantly stretching her mind as well as her body, with Continuing Education.

Daphne Pena-Higgs

Daphne Peña-Director/Owner of New York Pilates. Personally trained and certified by Romana Krysanowska, Daphne opened London's first Authentic Classical Pilates in 2000. Since then, thousands of clients have benefited from training in this original method on the highest quality Gratz equipment. New York Pilates London is known as the centre of excellence for training in Classical Pilates.