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Group Equipment Class (Adv Beg)

This class is taught by:

Daphne Pena-Higgs

Daphne Peña-Director/Owner of New York Pilates. Personally trained and certified by Romana Krysanowska, Daphne opened London's first Authentic Classical Pilates in 2000. Since then, thousands of clients have benefited from training in this original method on the highest quality Gratz equipment. New York Pilates London is known as the centre of excellence for training in Classical Pilates.

Julie Gustafson

Julie received her Pilates training in 2005 from Jill Cassidy who trained under Romana.
Julie then trained under the supervision of a chiropractor and practitioner of the Long Beach Dance Conditioning Pilates Method and under the Power Pilates Training Program at Equinox in Los Angeles. For 12 years, Julie has been keeping it Classical, keeping it fun, and wants you to surprise yourself with the strength that lies deep within.
Beginners Group Equipment Class for clients who have a reasonable understanding of how to use the equipment and is starting to know the names of the exercises.